In the first 2016 Super Bowl commercial from GPS tracking company, the World’s Greatest Car Tracker schools his son in the advanced art of car tracking.

Cat Flying Horse Caps and Crowns is happy to announce that we’ve signed a new director team TOMAT to our roster. Take a look at the Cannes Lion winning spot from the very talented team by clicking on the image.

Monks‘Buddhist Monks’ Breakdance In Honor Of MCA Day

Take a look at the stunt C&C helped produce and direct. It was to promote the upcoming MCA-DAY event that celebrated the life of Beastie Boys founding member and a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer – Adam (MCA) Yauch. The actual event that happened next day in Brooklyn had an amazing turn out and in less than 2 weeks, over 1.5 million people have watched this video online.

College Humor – Local Olympics Commercial

Our director, Paul Briganti, directs a promo for Sochi Olympics featuring Vladimir Putin. It’s the best laundered money can buy.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.50.52 PM 2014 FIFA World Cup on ESPN — Ian Darke Calls a Date

One of our directors, Timothy Kendall, did an internet and TV promo for ESPN that features Ian Darke, a Soccer announcer. Darke has a unique way of calling matches and ESPN thought it would be funny if he would do a play-by-play of a young couple’s first date. The end result is nothing short of hilarious.

Screen-Capture-4 CheapOair Presents: Possibilities

Leo Zanis, recently directed and produced this spot for CheapOair. It was released about two weeks ago and is now being aired on television nation-wide. With CheapOair’s new app, you could not only book flights and hotels but also rent cars, select seats, check baggage and maybe even win a getaway! Over 1.2M travelers have downloaded this app so far.

Hoosier Lottery
Jack Pott is growing bigger. It’s not his fault. It’s just happening. Just as men go bald, sometimes growing big isn’t easy. He tries to be careful but his growing mass causes him challenges.
He grows, so does the Hoosier Lottery jackpot. The bigger his misfortunate the bigger our gain. So keep growing, Jack Pott, and I just may take you home with me.

MICROSOFT/ESPN “Birthday Party”
As much I am an Apple fan, our latest campaign allowed us to play with some super cool Windows devices and explore Windows 8.1. Making me realize that I love all technology equally.

It was released five years ago, but the message of a haunting PSA that features a beautiful woman digging through the trash still holds true today…… Read more at Huffington Post


We are currently working on our original documentary, “Martial Art”, which focuses on the “art” in “martial arts”.

This documentary will explore the interconnection between these two disciplines through the story of MMA champion and budding photographer Mac Danzig.


Director Ralf Demesmaeker’s “Prime Friends” has been nominated at the 2013 Promax Global Excellence Promotion, Marketing and Design Awards in LA!

“Prime Friends” is a humorous commercial Ralf wrote, directed and edited for the Belgian film channel PRIME. In addition to the great storyline and acting, it even has a llama cameo.


Director Timothy Kendall has completed three more commercials for Dobre Milk. Check out the videos, Timothy’s use of slow motion, timing and animal acting will be sure to make you laugh.


Leo Zanis, Creative Director and Steven Diller, Director teamed up on a spot, “Walk Like a Pro” for the Humana challenge. The goal of this campaign was to promote
a healthy lifestyle by encouraging people to walk at least 10,000 steps a day.

The campaign won Sports Event of the Year by the Sports Business Journal, competing with events such as the Super Bowl and NBA Finals. Congratulations Humana!